Privacy Policy
1. All documents in TURYOL web site are under ownership of TURYOL. You may not change, copy, reproduce, republish, install into another computer, post, transmit or distribute any material in this site, including code and software. You can get printout of site pages for your personal use, independently of above mentioned ones.

2. Precaution was taken within existing opportunities in order to purify TURYOL web site from virus and software for similar purposes; however, user is obliged to supply its own virus protection system and to provide necessary protection. Within this scope, user agrees that it is responsible for all errors, which can occur in its own software and operation systems by the reason of access into TURYOL web site, and their direct or indirect results.

3. All kinds of information in TURYOL web site are only for introduction and informative purpose. User may not claim that “information” in web site is erroneous or it suffers loss in reference to such information. When user intends to make a transaction by referring to information, it agrees that it is obliged to supply final and reliable information from TURYOL, and TURYOL does not have any responsibility because information, published in web site, is not up-to-date.

4. TURYOL reserves right to change content of site in any time, to change or to terminate any service, provided to users, and to delete user information and data, recorded into TURYOL web site, on its own discretion. TURYOL has taken all kinds of precautions in order to ensure its web site without error; however, any guaranty is not provided related to errors, which are available or can be arisen in the site.

5. In case any criminal complaint or official investigation demand is obtained from official authorities for user and/or it is determined that user makes any electronic sabotage or attack, which shall prevent operation of TURYOL systems or change its operation, TURYOL is entitled to research identity details of user and to inform them to legal authorities.

6. Information may circulate on internet without sufficient security precautions as required by structure of internet and may be received and used by unauthorized people. Such use and loss, to be arisen from the use are not under responsibility of TURYOL.

7. In some cases, impersonal information may be collected. Type of used internet browser, your operation system, domain name of site from which you access into our site via link or advertisement, may be given as example for such type of information.

8. TURYOL web site is entitled to change, renew or cancel any article of using conditions without notice. Each provision, which is changed, renewed or abrogated, shall inure to the benefit of all users in publication date.

9. This agreement shall be carried out in compliance with Republic of Turkey laws without any legal contradiction. If any article of this agreement is illegal, invalid or legally inapplicable for any reason, in this case, aforementioned article shall be deemed as removable from this agreement and shall not affect validity and legally applicability of remaining articles.

10. Your information, which you have provided via TURYOL web site shall not be disclosed to third parties in any manner except institutions in cooperation with TURYOL AŞ or shall not be used for commercial purpose.